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Last Updated: Thursday, 05 January 2017

M.Ed (Vavuniya):

Incomplete submissions - Candidates are hereby requested to consult the Supervisor/Co-supervisors and correct their dissertations considering their comments/suggestions and to resubmit the dissertations before 31.01.2017 for oral presentation / evaluation.  


Board of Study Meeting 


Oral Examination:

New schedule will be announced


New degree Programs:

M.Sc in Biosystem Technology:

Members are requested to workout the details of M.SC in Biosystem Technology and to send to Dean/FGS to fix the next meeting early to discuss and finalize it.


M.Ed  Jaffna - 2016 - Inauguration - Photos in pdf  



 124th Meeting of Faculty Board of FGS will be held on 17.01.2016, Tuesday at 11.00 am.

 The Rules and Regulations of Faculty of Graduate Studies will be finalized soon. Members are requested to submit their written comments on the document given at the last meeting within a week to finalize it.


Board of Study Meeting 


Board of Study in Management & Commerce


3.00 pm


Board of Study in Education


12.45 pm


Board of Study in Physical Science


3.45 pm



 Call for applications of the following soon..

1. M.Sc in Environmental Management (Jaffna)

2. M.Sc in Health Management (Jaffna)


Proposed programs to commence 

1. Master of Education Management or PGD in Education Management (Jaffna)

2. PGD in Counseling 

3. PGD in Sports Management



  1st Meeting with Supervisors/Co-supervisors of M.Phil and Ph.D at FGS on 10.11.2016 at 1.30 pm. 

 2nd Meeting for the curriculum development on Master of Education Management held on 23.09.2016

 4th Meeting of the Revision of Rules and Regulations was held on 29.10.2015.

  5th Meeting of the Revision of Rules and Regulations will be held on 11.11.2015


Events held:

 First meeting with M.Phil and Ph.D Students held on 06.03.2015  ppt , photos

 2nd Meeting with M.Phil and Ph.D students on 29.10.2015 ppt-1 , ppt-II , ppt-III , SLQF - 2015 













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