Engineering Service Division

Maintenance Division is responsible for the development and maintenance of land/s, buildings and other infrastructure facilities of the University for smooth functioning of the University. A Landscaping Unit also attached to the Division

Main Functions of the Division

  • Maintenance of university premises and landscaping
  • Attending to improvements of the existing buildings and other infrastructure facilities (minor rehabilitation work)
  • Repairing and maintaining the Buildings, roads and other infrastructure facilities
  • Repairing and maintaining fixed assets such as furniture, plants, tools and machinery etc.
  • Repairing and maintaining utility services such as electricity, water and sewerage system etc.
  • Making frequent inspection visits to all buildings to ensure the buildings are in good condition.
  • Coordinating with authorities of the Kilinochchi premises for extending any assistance required by them

Landscaping Unit

Landscaping Unit is responsible for the landscaping and beautification of the university premises to provide pleasant environment for students and staff to work, teach, learn, and carry out search

Main functions of the unit

  • Preparing annual plan for landscaping and beautification of the entire university premises
  • Attending to implementation of the annual plan
  • Ensuring establishment and maintenance of landscape architecture, courtyards, flower beds, hedges, shady trees, footpaths and pavements, etc. in liaison with maintenance division
  • Managing and maintenance of all fauna and flora of the university land by watering, fertilizing, weeding and pest controlling.

Our Works Engineer

Eng. A. Aravinthan
March 2023 – Present


Staff of the Division

Name of the Staff Designation Contact Email
Mr. A. Aravinthan Works Engineer [Civil]
Mr. K. Tharshan Supervisor Maintenance Gr. III
Mr. M. Vijendran Works Superintendent [Civil] Gr. I
Ms. Pavitha  Balasubramaniam Management Assistant Gr. III
Mrs. Kasthury  Dilipkumar Management Assistant Gr. III
Mr. Sivapiragasam Regikumar Painter or Polisher Gr. I
Mr. Sivanesan Thananjeyan Carpenter Gr. II
Mr. Thirunavukkarasu Thiposbabu Carpenter Gr. II
Mr. Ttharmarajah Partheepan Mason Gr. II
Mr. Thurairasha Manimathan Mason Gr. II
Mr. Subaschandran Mayooran Storeman Gr. II
Mrs. Ajantha Vijendran Draughtsman [Lower Grade]
Mr. K. Piratheepkumar Supervisor [Civil ]Gr. III
Mr. S. Surain Supervisor [Civil] Gr. III
Mr. P. Jeyaruban Supervisor [Civil[ Gr. III
Mr. Rajasooriya Jathishan Supervisor [Civil] Gr. III
Mr. Rajah Jayooran Supervisor [Civil] Gr. III
Mr. Sivam Jameer Works Aide Gr. III
Mr. Thavarajah Kaneswaran Works Aide Gr. III

Contact Details

Engineering Service Division +94 021 221 8128 +94 021 222 6516