Strategic Planning & MIS Unit
The Strategic Planning Unit of the University of Jaffna is to lead strategic management initiative, and coordinate planning of the strategic plan and action plans, management information system (MIS) and monitor of implementation of the action plans by the faculties, divisions, centres/units. This was also done as a fulfillment of the requirement stipulated by the Department of Public Enterprises of the Ministry of Finance in order to promote good governance and strategic management in public institutions.

Governance and Management

The Unit will function under the purview of the Vice – Chancellor and it shall be guided by a Council sub-Committee, called Strategic Planning & Monitoring Committee chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. The Unit is headed by the Director and assisted by an executive officer in the capacity of the Assistant Registrar/ Deputy Registrar.

Functions of the Unit

  • Promote the adoption of strategic management within all spheres of university general, academic, and research administration and allied activities.
  • Management of MIS


Prof. M. A. Shanthakumary

Management CommitteeOperational Procedures for Review

The Composition and Terms of Reference of Strategic Planning and Monitoring Committee.

The Composition

  • Vice Chancellor as the Chairperson
  • Two Council members nominated from among UGC nominated members
  • Dean of Faculties
  • Director of the Unit
  • Coordinator of Action Plan Committee from each Faculty
  • Registrar
  • Bursar
  • Director / Coordinator / Head of each Unit / Centre / Administrative Department, and
  • AR/ DR of SP & MIS Unit (functions as the Convener & Secretary of the Committee)

Terms of Reference

  • Guide the design and development of the Policy and Strategic Development Framework (PSDF) and guide preparation of Actions Plans by the ‘business-units’ or sub units (i.e. central administration, faculties, institutes, centers/units), based on the prescribed PSDF by the University.
  • Review the Strategic Plan of the University and Actions Plans prepared by the sub-units to ensure alignment of the plans with that of the University Strategic Plan and recommend to the Council for approval.
  • Review the progress of implementation of the Strategic Plan and Action Plan.
  • Identify the obstacles which hinder the implementation of the Strategic Plan and diagnose the root cause (s) and initiate remedial measures to overcome the impediments.
  • Discuss the important statistics as regard to key functions, outputs and outcomes of the university and also developmental issues, and make suggestions for improvement governance and management and performance of the university.

Operational Procedure for Review and Revision of Strategic Plan

  • The University shall adopt five year cycle for the strategic planning process and the planning for the new cycle shall commence at the beginning of the 04th year of the on-going cycle.
  • The SP & MIS Unit adopt the two-stage planning process detailed in section 2 such as stage -1: preparation of the University Policy and Strategic Development Framework (UPSDF) and the stage-2: Development of Action Plans by ‘business units’.
  • The Strategic Planning process for a new cycle shall commence with the review of the progress and achievements made, and constrains faced with the existing strategic plan over past few years, followed by situation analysis and self-evaluation report (SER) preparation.
  • Following completion of SER, the SPMC shall design through participatory process the UPSDF for the next five (05) year period.
  • Based on the UPSDF, the ‘business units’ or ‘sub units’-central administration, faculties, institutes, centres/units shall prepare the respective Actions plan.
  • Following the approval of the Strategic Plan for the ensuring five year period by the Council, all ‘business units’- Central Administration, Faculties, Centres/ Units shall commence the implementation of the action plan.
  • The SP & MIS unit then shall coordinate the six month reviews at the ‘business unit’ level and the ‘business units’ shall send the progress reports on the implementation of respective Action Plans to the SP&MIS Unit at six month intervals.
  • The SPMC shall review the six month reports and submit a composition report on the progress of implementation of action Plans of sub units to the Council at six month intervals.
  • An Annual Forum shall be conducted by the SPMC to review the progress of the implementation of the Action Plans at which the representatives of the Faculties/ Units/Centres/Administrative Departments should present the status and progress archived.
  • At the end of every year, following the Annual forum, minor revisions may be introduced into the Action Plans in order to streamline the implementation of the current Strategic Plan.

Contact Details

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