Thirty First General Convocation of the University of Jaffna



THIRTY FIRST GENERAL CONVOCATION – 19.01.2016 & 20.01.2016

The Thirty First General Convocation of the University of Jaffna will be held on 19th & 20th January 2016 for the conferment of Postgraduate Degrees / Degrees and Diplomas. This event will be conducted at the Kailasapthy Auditorium of the University of Jaffn.

As per the University procedures, Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna, Senior Professor Vasanathy Arasaratnam will preside the event  and Chancellor of the University of Jaffna Senior Professor S. Pathmanathan will confer the degrees and diplomas.

Students who have satisfied all the requirements for a degree or diplomas click here to find more details about the convocation.

Thirty first convocation of the University of Jaffna will be held in eight sessions. Click here to see the details of the sessions and degrees to be conferred on each session.

During the eight sessions of the convocation, more than 1902 students will be cundergrduateonferred with their respective degrees and/or diplomas. Degrees to be conferred include 13 Doctor of Philosophy, 14 Master of Philosophy, 103 Master of Education, 86 Master of Arts, 13 Master of Science, 84 Postgraduate Diploma in Education and 1589 Bachelor Degrees including 373 B.A, 115 B.FA, 16 LLB, 133 BBA, 86 B.Sc, 44 B.Sc.(Agri), 14 B.Sc.(CompSc), 103 MBBS, 19 Allied Health Sciene Degrees and 2 Sidhdha Medicine.


Moreover, sixty students would receive Diploma and 222 students would receive degrees from External Degree Programmes.