University Logo

University Logo

As the valued identity of the University of Jaffna , our university holds the exclusive copyright for its logo. Our logo must never be abused nor altered. It is essential that its proper use requires that you follow the guidelines detailed below and provided by the university administration. All currently registered and enrolled staff members and students are permitted to use the logo in their academic and administrative material. This is also possible for the aforesaid individuals who liaise with approved external bodies/agencies where official permission has been granted by the Registrar University of Jaffna.

The University of Jaffna is committed to the search for truth in a diverse field of subjects, as has been emphasized in its motto “மெய்ப் பொருள் காண்பது அறிவு” (discernment is wisdom).

The crest of the university, shown above, has the ‘நந்தி (bull) symbol at its centre.

Nanthi adorned the flag of the Jaffna Kingdom that existed in the Northern Sri Lanka until it was dismantled by the Portuguese in the fifteenth Century.

The traditional oil lamp symbolizes the light of wisdom.

The whole emblem is surrounded by sixty four (64) flames. These flames depict the sixty four varieties of art that adorns the Tamil culture.

Logo & Colours

It must never be redrawn, digitally manipulated or altered and must always be reproduced from a digital master reference. The primary logo uses Blue and Yellow. Monochromatic and reverse versions of the logo are available for specific requirements.

Blue #19AFE2 25,175,226 88,22,0,11
Yellow #F8FA4E 248,250,78 0,0,68,1
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255 0,0,0,0
Black #000000 0,0,0,0 0,0,0,100

When to use

The University logo is the official symbol of University. It should be used on all external communications and any internal communications that need a more formal approach. The correct usage of our logos and logo system is mandatory. The logos should be used exactly as specified on guidelines.

Placement of the Logo

The university logo must be placed appropriately, top left , middle or right of the post/flyer/Banner, and must be in line with guidelines for using the university logo and university name.

Minimum Size of the Logo

University Logo should never be smaller than 20mm . Also Logo width and height must be same proportion.

If you are a faculty member of university of Jaffna, you can use logo for official university purposes such as flyer/poster/Flex banners in line with other guidelines and policies.

For certificates & printed materials such as T-shirts/ Books or if you are a student or third party you must get permission before use logo from the registrar of the university (


The logo is available to download in PNG formats. This is also available in Color and Black & White formats. You may click on the required file format in the given link below to download

[Logo.png – Color]

[Logo.png – Black & White]


View the Code and Policy

In order to maintain the university’s visual presence, the following guidelines should be adopted when the crest is re-uploaded or printed in another media:

  1. The crest requires maintaining one of the color types in Hexadecimal, RGB or CMYK as shown in the color code table. The background must be clear and the permission of the University Registrar should be obtained to construct symbolic logos.
  2. The crest should not be used partly or obscured by any other design element. The crest’s minimum exclusion zone needs to be maintained which is equal to 10% of the crest’s width & height respectively from the boundary. Nothing should fall within this area.