Health Centre

The Health Centres ware started in 1975 at Vaddukoddai and Thirunelvely. Vaddukoddai Helath Centre was run by the DMO, Vaddukoddai upto 1979, Thirunelvely Health Centre was run by Dr. V. Sivagnanaratnam – Visiting Medical Officer.

The University Health Service was organized to help the students and Staff of the University to lead an active life free from disease. Initially, all registered University students were entitled to free consultations and laboratory services and the service was set up solely for the benefit of the student body. It was believed that timely treatment and care of even mild ailments could prevent the occurrence of more serious diseases, minimize the rate of absenteeism from classes and control the spread of infection to others.


  • Conducting of medical examinations & Treatments
  • Administering of vaccinations on a needs basis
  • Medical counseling
  • Basic Laboratory Investigation
  • Advice & Counseling
  • Issue Medical Certificates to staff and students on request
  • Referral ( Teaching Hospital Jaffna)

Staff Members

Dr.Mrs. J. Sriskandarajah University Medical Officer
Dr. J. Lawrence Asst. University Medical Officer
Mr.S.Selvaratnam Technical Officer
Mrs.R.Navitha Nursing Officer Gr.II
Mrs.A. Karthiga Nursing Officer Gr.II
Miss. P. Kisiha Nursing Officer Gr.II
Mrs.S.Vimalenthirnathan Nursing Officer Gr.II
Mrs.G.Manoranjan Pharmacist Upper Grade
Mrs.N. Surenthiran Pharmacist Lower Grade
Mr.K.Sasikaran Labourer
Mr.J. Dilakshan Attendant (Male)
Miss.T. Sharmila Attendant(Female)
Mr. A. Vijenthiran Health Services Labourer Gr.II
Mr. K Thusyanthan Health Services Labourer Gr.III
Mr. S. Savunthararajah Public Health Inspector