Welfare Branch

The main function of the Student Welfare Branch with respect to student welfare are :

  • Providing hostel accommodation and refectory facilities to internal students of the University;
  • Regulating financial assistance (Mahapola scholarship, Bursary, Vice-chancellor’s fund, etc.) to the students.
  • Coordinating student accommodation, refectory, healthcare, sports and recreational facilities in liaison with the respective service centers/ units
  • Providing administrative and clerical assistance to the Director/Student Welfare and student counsellors in student welfare and counselling matters.
  • Providing administrating and clerical assistance to proctor and deputy proctors in dealing with student disciplinary matters;
  • Overseeing all activities of student unions, associations and societies; and
  • Convening meeting of student welfare monitoring committee

Student Accommodation

Hostels are administered by full-time subwardens under the supervision of Head/ Student Affairs department. In addition, part-time wardens and academic sub-wardens from among the academic staff are appointed to help in the administration further. Owing to limited capacity, only the new entrants and final year students are eligible for hostel accommodation.

Refectory Service

Quality food and other essential items are provided to the students and staff through the refectory service at a fair price.

Health Care

The University Health Centre provides health care services to the university community. The Health Centre attends to the health problems of students and staff of the University throughout the year within the purview of the University Medical Officer; and health care services are available only during working hours. A 24 -hours emergency ambulance service is also available.

Recreational Activities

The students of the University of Jaffna are encouraged to perform recreational activities such as welcoming new entrants, farewell to final year students, celebrating cultural and social events, etc., after obtaining the necessary approval from the Vice Chancellor through the Director/Welfare by adhering to appropriate guidelines.

Student Welfare Division

The student welfare division functions in liaison with the Director of Student Welfare, Faculty-level Student Counsellors, the Health Centre, Well-being Centre, Physical Education Unit and Career Guidance Unit to augment student welfare and well-being. The executive and clerical staff of the Division provide the necessary administrative and clerical support to the Director of Student Welfare and to Student Counsellors to execute their roles and responsibilities.

The function of the student welfare division are:

  • Coordinating and augmenting the quality of student counselling services at the faculty level
  • Assisting students to overcome issues pertaining to the learning process, financial and psycho-social well-being;
  • Holding regular meetings with relevant officials to identify the common issues of students and to explore ways and means to rectify them;
  • Capacity building of student counsellors through training programs and workshops;
  • Assisting the university administration in designing and implementing measures to minimize, if not avert, student unrest and misconduct;
  • Facilitating organization and administration of student events and activities; and
  • Exploring possibilities to secure financial assistance for need and differently-abled students from potential donors and well-wishers

Director, Student Welfare

Prof. G. Sashikesh
Faculty of Science

Assistant Registrar

Mrs. J.C. Aravintharaj



Staff of the Division

Mr. A.M. Constantine
Senior Staff  Management Assistant

Senior Staff  Management Assistant

Management Assistant

Mr.N. Arikaran
Management Assistant

Mr.R. Kathirkamanathan
Works Aide

Contact Details

Student Welfare 021 221 8122 021 222 6716 arws@univ.jfn.ac.lk