Capital Works & Planning Branch
Capital Works & Planning branch is responsible for providing buildings and other infrastructure facilities to assure conducive environment for teaching, learning and research activities by ensuring that the development projects are planned and implemented within the agreed timeframe and allocation, while maintaining the quality of works.

Main Functions of the branch

  • Preparing and updating the master plan of the University
  • Preparing and updating the strategic management plan relevant to the infrastructure development of the University.
  • Assessing the land requirement for the development for the development and do procurement/ acquisition of required land
  • Identifying the construction projects and preparing building proposals
  • Coordinating with other authorities such as UGC, line ministry, Treasury and etc. for obtaining necessary approvals
  • Identifying major rehabilitation works to the existing buildings and other structures and obtaining necessary approvals for the implementation
  • Preparing Action plan and Procurement plan and obtain fund allocation for the construction and rehabilitation projects
  • Arranging procurement of construction/ rehabilitation works and complete the work within agreed time frame and fund allocation, while ensuring the quality of work
  • Monitoring monthly progress of the projects through site meetings
  • Handling all matters relevant to foreign funded construction projects
  • Convening the relevant meetings of the University related to Capital Works and provide the physical and financial progress of the work being carried out

Staff of the Branch


Deputy Registrar
Mr. A. Ramesan
Management Assistant
Mr. A. Elilselvan
Management Assistant
Ms. Shobieeka V.
Management Assistant
Mr. R. Piranavan
Works Aide

Contact Details

Capital Works & Planning Branch
University of Jaffna
+94 021 221 9201 +94 021 221 9201