University Cricket League of the University of Jaffna 2022

The idea of bringing harmony and healthy relationship among the university employees through sports was a brilliant idea initiated by late Prof. A. Thurirajah. However such sporting activities were not conducted in a formulated manner from that time. The present Vice Chancellor took efforts to bring that into a more formal event. As such, he establish the idea of conducting one grand cricket tournament by pooling the employees, irrespective of their attached departments, into teams. He make the first move by forming the steering committee consisting the Vice Chancellor himself, the Register, the Bursar and the director of the physical education unit. Further, he guided the director of physical education to put up an organizing committee consisting members of physical education unit and department of sports science and another committee consisting interested employees form different sections for arrangements. At the first meeting of the steering committee it was decided to conduct a cricket tournament with the name “VC Trophy “(University Cricket League) and the Vice Chancellor announced that he will donate LKR 100, 000.00 from his own money for the event. Further, he requested to organizing committee and the arrangement committee to carry forward and conducted the event successfully.

Organizing Committee: Mr. D Mathiyalakan (Physical Education unit) – in charge for games, Ms. R. Arulampalam (Physical Education unit) – treasure, Ms. Surantihini (Physical Education unit)- Event management, Dr. Sabananth (Sports Science) – In charge for discipline

Arrangement Committee: Mr. M. Saravana (Administration, Jaffna), Mr. Tanurajah (Administration, Kilinochi), Mr. P. Nirubaran Administration, kilinochi), Mr. K. Nathan ( Security), Dr. R. Prasanthan (Mathematics and Statistics)

On a grand open even held on 12th October 2022 at the university Library Auditorium, the Vice Chancellor introduced the VC Trophy. Further, Jerseys for each teams were handed over to the owners by the distinguished guests.

University Cricket League of the University of Jaffna 2022 conducted on 15th and 16th of October at the university play grounds. The top four teams qualify for the playoff round which was conducted on 22nd October morning and the Grand final was conducted on 22nd evening. UoJ Titans and UoJ Warriors were the finalists and UoJ Titans emerged as winners. All matched were played with the spirit of cricket and was very entertaining for both players and the spectators.