Internal Vacancy – Post of Director, Centre for Quality Assurance


Internal Circular –  YA/02/MA4


Post of Director, Centre for Quality Assurance

 Applications are invited for the post of Director, Centre for Quality Assurance, University of Jaffna from the Academic staff holding Senior Academic/Professor with significant experience in administration (at least 3 years), as well as in the QA process and have a thorough knowledge of the external review process, since a Director bears important responsibilities in this process.

The Director CQA should be free of other major administrative responsibilities in order to implement QA processes effectively. Since academic auditing is a part of internal quality assurance, the person should not be a Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dean or an administrative Head of Department, in order to maintain the transparency of the quality assurance process.

The specified duties are,

  • Develop regulations for the CQA and obtain approval from the University Council for the
  • Prepare operational guidelines for the CQA in accordance with the general guidelines developed by QAC of the UGC, and customized for the University’s governance structure/ organogram and specific implementation arrangement.
  • Develop a 3-year Strategic plan for the CQA; obtain approval from the University Senate and Council and concurrence of the QAC of the UCC, before implementation.
  • Develop the annual work plan for the CQA and obtain approval from the University Senate and Council at the commencement of each calendar
  • Develop the annual budget for QA activities in the University along with the University’s annual budget estimates submitted to the Treasury, and obtain Finance Committee and Council approval.
  • Ensure that the CQA is established on the University website and details are updated regularly.
  • Report regularly on QA activities and progress to the University Senate and Council.
  • Circulate notices of QA activities in the University to the University community and other Universities.
  • Conduct University and Faculty level awareness programs on
  • Initiate and support preparation of SER for Institutional
  • Motivate and support study programs to prepare SERs for Program
  • Provide necessary training and workshop for self – Assessment Report (SER) preparation.
  • Motivate and support academic staff to showcase best practices in
  • Develop relationships and liaise with international agencies and universities on QA activities.
  • Support academic staff in the process of preparing proposals for the conduct of new degree programmes, and ensure that applications submitted to the UGC for approval in this regard are compliant with the Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework.
  • Report on university QA activities at the UGC Standing Committee on
  • Submit an annual report of the CQA to the QAC of the
  • Convene and facilitate all meetings of the CQA and
  • Assist manual preparation on QA aspects in
  • Make available to all the staff and external stakeholders the results of external and internal reviews, including student surveys.

The Term of the Office of the Director shall be 03 years. He /She shall be appointed with the concurrence of the UGC and will be eligible for reappointment for not more than one more term of three years.

The Director shall be paid an honorarium of 25% of the basic salary per month, and a telecommunication allowance approved by the Council of the university as per the Commission Circular No 06/2015.

Applications should be sent through their respective Heads of Departments and the Dean of the Faculty to the Deputy Registrar, Academic Establishments, to reach his office on or before 17.05.2023 late application will be rejected without intimation.


Vice- Chancellor