INVITATION FOR BIDS – Supply of Civil, Computer Engineering, IT Equipment & Laboratory Furniture



Supply of Civil, Computer Engineering, IT Equipment & Laboratory Furniture UJ/F/PO/T/02/2016

Chairperson, Department Procurement Committee, University of Jaffna, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for supply of following items to the University of Jaffna.

  1. Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedure.
  2. Bidder should have at least three years experience in the relevant field in Sri Lanka.
  3. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from the Senior Assistant Bursar / Supplies of the University of Jaffna, and inspect the bidding documents at the Supplies Branch of the University between 9.00 am to 3.00 pm from 04.2016 to 24.05.2016.
  4. A complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders on submission of a written application to the Senior Assistant Bursar / Supplies, University of Jaffna and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Rupees 2,000/=in cash at the Shroff Counter of the University of Jaffna. The bidder can also download the bidding documents from the University website Those who are obtaining bidding documents from the University website should submit the complete documents along with a Bank Draft drawn in favour of the “Bursar, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka” for Rs. 2,000/=as nonrefundable fee or the payments could be made to Peoples Bank, Jaffna University Branch, account no:     162-1-001-6-0000880, and the cash receipt/deposit slip to be attached with the bidding documents. The documents may be purchased until 2.30 p.m from 22.04.2016 to 24.05.2016.
  1. Bids must be delivered in duplicate to be addressed Bursar, University of Jaffna, Thirunelvely, on or before 2.00 p.m on 25.05.2016. Please indicate the “Supply of Civil, Computer Engineering, IT Equipment & Laboratory Furniture – UJ/F/PO/T/02/2016 – 25.05.2016” on the left hand corner of the envelope.
  2. All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security addressed to the Chairperson, Department Procurement Committee, University of Jaffna, valid for 120 days from the date of the bid opening as specified in the following Table.
Serial No Description of ItemsQuantity Bid Security
Package 01 – Surveying Equipment
1.1Measuring Wheel56400.00
1.2Land Chain Arrow20
1.3Change plate10
1.4Surveyor's umbrella for theodolite10
1.6Crowbar 10
1.7Survey boots10
Package 02 – Water Resource Equipment
2.1Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation System2101700.00
2.2Soil/Water Model Tank1
2.3Centrifugal Pump Demonstration Unit + interface unit1
2.4Demonstration Lysimeter1
2.5Series and Parallel Pump + interface unit1
2.6Series Liquid Manometers2
2.7River Flow Simulator1
2.8Pitot Tubes + Adjustable tripod stand2
2.9Drainage and Seepage Tank1
Package 03 – Environmental Engineering Equipment
3.1Particle Size Analyser1334750.00
3.2Total Organic Carbon analyser1
3.3Analytical Balances: 4 digit precision (grammes)2
3.4Analytical Balances: 4 digit precision (grammes)1
3.5Calibration mass: 1mg – 200g1
3.6Calibration mass: 50g – 50kg1
3.7Electronic Floor Balances3
3.8Water Bath: Stable Temperature1
3.9Shaking Water Bath: Stable Temperature1
3.1Immersion circulator with clamp:2
3.11Chest type Freezer1
3.12Stable temperature Refrigerators1
3.13Ice-cube Maker1
3.14Dry-Ice Chest1
3.15Volumetric Automatic Titrator (Electronic)3
3.16Direct Reading Flow meter for air3
3.17Bottletop Dispenser (Burette)3
3.19Peristaltic Pumps2
3.2Peristaltic Pumps6
3.21Pipette (adjustable Volume)12
3.22Laboratory Autoclave1
3.25Pressure transmitters5
3.26Tweezer Set2
3.27Heating Blocks and heater2
3.28Bunsen Burners4
3.31Conical Flasks24
3.32Meacuring Cylinders30
3.33Crucibles (to be used in furnace as well)120
3.34Water filtration units4
3.35Bottle top Water filtration (single) units8
3.36Syringe and Syreinge filters3500
3.37Petri dishes2000
3.39Graduated Sample containersWN1850
SN 1850
3.4Laboratory Organizers1
3.41Acid Bath3
3.42Dioinized water unit1
3.43Magnetic Stirrer bars50
3.44Magnetic Stirrers10
3.45Dissolved Oxygen meter and kit3
3.46pH meter3
3.47Laboratory bench-top Turbidity meter2
3.48Hand held turbidity meters5
3.49Pocket pH testers3
Package 04 – Supply of Gantry Crane
4.1Gantry Crane With Double Girders120000.00
Package 05 – Computer Engineering & IT Equipment
5.1Arduino Starter Kit / Genuino Starter Kit (Original)131360.00
5.2Arduino MEGA 2560 / Genuino MEGA 2560 (Original)
5.3Arduino Due
5.4Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
5.5Microelektronika Easy PIC V7
5.6Microchip MPLAB ICD 3 In-Circuit Debugger
5.7Multifunction DAQ
5.8Interactive Ultra Short Throw Multimedia Projector with Wall Mounting Accessory
5.924” Wide LED Monitor
5.1Tower Model Computer
5.13EV3 Core and Expansion Set + Software Classroom 30 Student Pack
5.14Microsoft Office Academic 2013
5.15Duplo Machine
5.16Wide Angle Camera (Webcam)
5.17Photo Copier
5.18Multimedia Projector with Screen
5.2External Hard disk
Package 06 – Laboratory Furniture
6.1Demonstration Table37190.00
6.2Work Bench
6.3Wooden Reading Table
6.4Laboratory Stool
6.5Table – Electrical Lab
6.6Stool – Electrical Lab
6.7Computer Table
6.8Computer Chair
Package 07 – Office and Library Furniture
7.1Filing Cabinet-Steel28450.00
7.3Cupboard-Steel-Glass fronted
7.4Wooden Table
7.5Cushion Chair
7.6Conference Table with Chairs
7.7Sofa Settee
7.8Book Shelf (Library)
7.9Wood Almirah (Library)
7.1Book ends (Library)
7.11Reading Chair (Library)

Click here to download the bid document  – Bid Document

  1. Pre Bid meeting will be held on 11th May 10.00 the Board Room of University of Jaffna
  2. The bids shall be deposited in the ‘Tender Box’ available in the Bursar’s Office of the University, or sent under Registered Cover to be received before the deadline to the address given Clause No.5.
  3. Late bids will be rejected.
  4. The bids will be opened at 2.00 p.m on 25.05.2016, in presence of the bidders or their authorized representatives who choose to attend the bid opening at the board room of the University.


The Chairperson,

Department Procurement Committee, University of Jaffna, Jaffna

Fax No: 021-2220962, 021-2222644