Our Deepest Sympathies & Heartfelt Condolences

Our Deepest Sympathies & Heartfelt Condolences

Professor. Ratnam Vigneswaran
Former Vice Chancellor and Professor in Mathematics
University of Jaffna.

With profound sadness, we inform to the university community the untimely demise of Prof. R. Vigneswaran, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Jaffna today.

Funeral arrangements announcement of our beloved Late Prof. Ratnam Vigneswaran, Professor in Mathematics, Former Dean of the Faculty of Science,  Former President University Teachers’ Association (UTA) and Former Vice Chancellor.

Arrangements have been made for the University community to pay their last respect and provide a dignified sendoff to our beloved prof. R. Vigneswaran who departed on 17.02.2023. Funeral proceedings at the University main premises on 21.02.2023 are as follows:

  • Arrival of the remains at the Faculty of Science gate at 11.30am on 21.02.2023.
  • On the arrival the students of the Faculty of Science will take over the casket and  parade through Biology Block, Chemistry Block, Physics Block, Mathematics Block, Health Centre, Students Complex then up to Ramanathan Block via garden. From the Ramanathan Block other faculty students will take over and parade towards Kailasapathy Auditorium.
  • All attendees of the funeral are requested to assemble at the Kailasapathy Auditorium
  • Tribute to the Late Prof. R. Vigneswaran will take place. The following will formally eulogize our beloved Professor R. Vigneswaran: Head/ Department of Mathematics, Dean of the faculty of Science, President- UTA, Registrar,   a student representative, an employee representative, a Council member and the Vice Chancellor.
  • The remains will leave the auditorium by 12.30 pm
  • Students will hand over the gasket at the main gate to the family of Beloved Late Prof. R Vigneswaran.

It is also announced that the funeral rituals and rites will commence at late Prof. R Vigneswaran’s home (No. 62, Hindu School Lane, Kondavil West, Kondavil) at 9.30am on 21.02.2023.

  • Transport arrangements will be made on 21.02.2023 to facilitate the university community to attend the funeral. (A bus will leave the main campus at 8.45 a.m.)
  • For further details of arrangements, office of the Registrar and office of the general administration can be contacted, please.



(on the instructions of the Vice Chancellor)