Sri Lanka Student Workshop on Computer Science – 2015

Sri Lanka Student Workshop on Computer Science – 2015 (SLSWCS – 2015) was successfully conducted on 07 November 2015 at the HNB Metro branch auditorium, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. A biennial flagship event of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University of Jaffna is being conducted from year 2011, and this one was the third event under the SLSWCS title.

The objective of this event is to provide a valuable opportunity for young research students across the country to present their work, interact with their peers and to obtain guidance from top researchers from local or foreign universities.

This year Prof. N. Gnanakumaran, Acting Vice-Chancellor & Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna graced the event as the chief guest and Prof. S. Srisatkunarajah as the special guest. A total of 22 posters were accepted to be presented the workshop and the workshop was attended by 120 registered participants.

Dr. Sankalpa Gamwarige, CEO Zone 24×7& Director SLASSCOM, delivered the first keynote address titled “Importance of Customer Centric R&D to Reach the $5 Billion Target. This was followed by the poster spotlights of 15 posters presented at SLSWCS-2015. Out of the 22 works accepted for the workshop seven were selected for an oral presentation. The poster spotlight session was followed by the oral presentations. The afternoon session commenced with the second keynote address by Dr. Nalin Ranasinghe, Senior Academic of the University of Colombo School of Computing, Sri Lanka titled “Algorithms is the Middleware”. Two oral presentations were delivered after this keynote address. The key event of the workshop, the poster presentations covered much of the afternoon session up to 5.00 PM. This was followed by a panel discussion comprising the keynote speakers and Dr. T. Ketheesan, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Physical Sciences, Faculty of Applied Science, Vavuniya Campus of the University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. The session was moderated by the Conference chair, Dr. E. Y. A. Charles. This was followed by the awarding of Best poster and best presentation. Ms. Charini, Ms. K. Anusha and Ms. W.M.B.K. Weerasooriya have received the best poster award and Mr. T. Kokul received the best presentation award. Dr. S. Mahesan presented the awards to the winners. The SLSWCS-2015 was concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. K. Thabotharan, Programme chair and the Head of the Department of Computer Science.

The list of posters presented at the SLSWCS-2015 is given below. The posters can be viewed here:

A Coarse-To-Fine Strategy in Recognising Logos of CarsS. Sotheeswaran and A. Ramanan
A Hybrid Decision Tree and an error correcting technique for a Printed Tamil Character RecognitionM. Ramanan, A. Ramanan and E.Y.A. Charles
A Morphological and Gradient Based Approach to Classify Plant Leaves Using Support Vector MachinesP. Kobikrishna and A. Ramanan
Automated Leaf Recognition System for Plant ClassificationS. Charini, K. Anusha and
Bat-based Game Detection Using HOG and SVMT. Sopitha and S. Suthakar
Creating compact and Discriminative Visual Vocabularies using Visual BitsT. Kirishanthy and A. Ramanan
e-Home Service: A tool for linking service providers and customers using USSD and WebRTCM. Devishanthini, P. Dharsika and K. Suwarnakumar
Expert System for G.C.E A/L StudentsY. Kalyani and S. Mahesan
Identifying the Learning Patterns of the Students in Learning Management SystemsA. Suthakaran and E.Y.A.Charles
Language Localisation of Tamil Using Statistical Machine TranslationY. Achchuthan and K. Sarveswaran
Location Based Rapid Rider AssignerR. Miller and M. Nifras
Multi-Person Tracking Using Generic Person Detector and Particle FilterT. Kokul, A. Ramanan, U.A.J. Pinidiyaarachchi
Multiclass Multi-level Text Document ClassificationR. Yasotha and E.Y.A. Charles
Optimum Path Creation and Guiding System for AGVR. Kumaran and V. Saahithyan
Question Answering Using NLPK. Kanapriya and S. Mahesan
Radio Frequency Energy HarvestingB. Narada, E. Gayan, G. Uthpala, S.A.H.A. Suraweera and G.M.R.I. Godaliyadda
Sequentially Constructing Discriminative Codebook with Classifier Training for Object RecognitionV. Vinoharan and A. Ramanan
Single Image Fog Removal Using Fusion StrategyV. Thulasika and A. Ramanan
Towards an Expert System to Sri Lankan Indigenous Medicinal PlantsJ. Pratheeba, E.Y.A. Charles, D.A.S. Atukorale
Visible Light Communication System with Ambient Light CancellationE.S.S. Edirisinghe, P.H.R.S.S. Karunarathna, D.M.T.B. Dissanayake, W.M.B.K. Weerasooriya
Web User Access Pattern Analysis on Proxy Log DataA. Ann Sinthusha and E.Y.A. Charles
Y-BRIDGE: A Match-module to Bridge Undergraduate Students with Academic and industry-based SupervisorsJ. Samantha Tharani and A. Ramanan