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Outcome-Based Education

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Achieving faculty buy-in: motivation performance in learning
outcome assessment
Sutee Sujitparapitaya
Educators’ understanding of the premises underpinning outcomes-based education and its impact on their classroom assessment practicesNoko Jones Ramoroka Implementing Outcomes-Based Assessment of Student LearningMarilee J. Bresciani
Outcomes-based Education at Philadelphia UniversityMohammad A. Awwad Outcome-Based Education: Critical Issues andAnswersSpady, William G. Outcome Based Education (OBE) & Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
Beyond Traditional Outcome-Based EducationWilliam G.Spady and Kit J.Marshall Outcomes-Based Education (OBE): A Transformational Perspective on Quality and Mobility in Higher EducationBahar Mousavi Hejazi Outcome Based Education (OBE)Dr P H Waghodekar
Brief Outcome-Based EducationKaren Nicholson Why ‘Outcomes-Based Teaching & Learning’?Prof. Tony Hung
On Outcome-Based Education: A Conversation with Bill SpadyRon Brandt Outcome-Based AssessmentAhmet S. Yigit
Educational Strategies: Outcome-Based EducationMargery H. Davis
Empowering students through outcome-based education (OBE)Dr Maniam Kaliannan & Suseela Devi Chandran
Outcome-based education: Part 1- An introduction to outcome-based educationR. M. Harden, j. R. Crosby & m. H. Davis
Outcome-based education and student learning in managerial accounting in Hong KongGladie Lui & Connie Shum
Outcome-based education: Part-5 From competency to meta-competency: a model for the specification of learning outcomesR.M. Harden, J.R. Crosby, M.H. Davis & M. Friedman
Outcome-based education: Principles and practiceS. Mukhopadhyay & S. Smith
Outcomes-Based Teaching And Learning (OBTL): What is it, Why is it, How do we make it work?

John Biggs & Catherine Tang

Recognising Humanity John Haldane
Commission presents new Rethinking Education strategy Eclass=uropean commission Press release Brussels/strasbourg

Student Centred Learning

Academic articles Books chapters and Reports Powerpoint presentations
Active Learning: An Introduction

Richard M. Felder & Rebecca Brent

Need for Evidence-Based TeachingJames E. Groccia, William Buskist Student-Centered Learning:A Challenging Odyssey in PBLGeorge Watson
The challenges for new academics in adopting student-centred approaches to teachingIan Sadler Higher Education Pedagogy – Conference Proceedings-2011Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) Is teaching at the centre of the student learning experience?

Professor Craig Mahoney

Contextual Influences on Inquiries into Effective Teaching and Their Implications for Improving Student LearningAnthony S. Bryk, Heather Harding & Sharon Greenberg Higher Education Pedagogy – Conference Proceedings-2012Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) Learner Centered Learning : A Road Map
Sri Lanka Higher Education Institutions
UDG, HETC and Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka
Developing blended learning resources and strategies to support academic reading: a student-centred approachRoger Levy, Claire Dickerson and Joanna Teague Higher Education Pedagogy – Conference Proceedings-2013Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) Implementing learning centered approaches in your teachingPhyllis Blumberg
Implementation of Generic Skills in the
Sulaiman Yassin, Fauziah Abu Hasan, Wan Amin & Nur Amiruddin
Higher skills development at workTeaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP) Learner-Centered TeachingElizabeth Normandy
Issues to consider when implementing student-centred learning practices at Asian higher education institutionsPham Thi Hong Thanh High Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher EducationReport to the European Commission on Improving the quality of teaching and learning in
Europe’s higher education institutions
The New Science of LearningTerry Doyle, Todd Zakrajsek
Using Student-Centered Cases in the Classroom An Action Inquiry Approach to Leadership DevelopmentPacey Foster & Inga Carboni Learning our lesson: review of quality teaching in higher educationOECD Higher Education Programme Introduction to teaching and assessing so students will learn more using learner-centered teachingPhyllis Blumberg
Dealing with Student Resistance to Learner-Centered TeachingRichard M. Felder Problem-Based LearningDeborah E. Allen, Richard S. Donham, Stephen A. Bernhardt Paradigm Shift: Teacher Centered to Student Centered
Learner-centered Teaching and Education at USC: A Resource for FacultyCommittee on Academic Programs and Teaching (CAPT) Pedagogy for employabilityAnn Pegg, Jeff Waldock, Sonia Hendy-Isaac, Ruth Lawton Comparison of Teacher-Centered and Learner-Centered ParadigmsHuba and Freed
Maximizing Learning Through Course Alignment and Experience with Different Types of KnowledgePhyllis Blumberg Student-Centered Learning Toolkit

Education International, The European Students’ Union

The Saber-Tooth Curriculum
The nature of employability skills: empirical evidence from SingaporeJohnny Sung, Michael Chi Man Ng, Fiona Loke and Catherine Ramos Student Centered Learning: An Insight Into Theory And PracticeAngele Attard Student Centered Learning – Diagram
Sample Learning Outcomes For Undergraduate Majors In The Humanities The Impact of “Soft Skills” in the Information -Knowledge Management Economy and the UNC System

Dr. Deborah S. Bosley

Quality Education: fit for purposeSunil Jayantha Nawaratne
Student Centred Learning

Reesa Smith

Team-Based LearningLarry K. Michaelsen, Michael Sweet Student / Learner Centered Teaching & Learning – Allow them to learn no need to teachSunil Jayantha Nawaratne
student–centred learning: what does it mean for students and lecturers?

Geraldine O’Neill and Tim McMahon

Teaching Skills for Facilitating Team-Based LearningDerek R. Lane STI Policy and Korean DevelopmentFrom Learning to CreatingSungchul Chung
Common Core, Student- Centered Learning, and CollaborationDavid Loertscher and Elizabeth “Betty” Marcoux Transforming assessment in higher education – A Marked ImprovementThe Higher Education Academy
Student-Centered Learning Addressing Faculty Questions about Student-centered LearningJeffrey Froyd, Nancy Simpson A New Paradigm for Undergraduate EducationRobert B. Barr and John Tagg
Student-Centered Learning in Higher EducationGloria Brown Wright Learner Centered Teaching
Does continuous assessment in higher education support student learning?Rosario Herna´ndez Make Your Classroom More Learner-Centered

em Métodos de Ensino

A Course Wiki: Challenges in Facilitating and Assessing Student-Generated Learning Content for the Humanities ClassroomRasma Lazda-Cazers
Teacher-centered vs. Learner-centered paradigms
Just write! Guide: Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy
American Institute for Research