Who’s that Fresh Hulk in the UoJ?

The Hulk: DUSANTH – Inter University Weightlifting Champion

IUWC2017: Inter University Weightlifting Championship 2017 was organised by the University of Jaffna for the first time of the University’s history at home in the Commerce Hall of the University. It was on the last Sunday (11 June 2017), started at 7.00 a.m. and was going well from the beginning. When it came to the end around 7.30 p.m. suddenly University of Jaffna Students were roaring in the hall. Normally, the competition is to get the places, but the roar was to break the record which was amazing.

Whoz dat?…Many of the spectators faces were asking each other — Who’s the Hulk? Kunaseelan Shamuvel DUSANTH, the fresh Hulk of the University of Jaffna is that man, recently got admission to the Fine Arts, Ramanathan Academy. Weightlifting is not new to him, but the man is new to the University. Dusanth won many Gold Medals at the District and Provincial level competitions.

Champion Hulk… Dusanth is a Champion both in School National and Sri Lanka Junior National Weightlifting Championships in 2013 and 2014. Also he placed the second at the Sri Lanka Junior National Weightlifting Championship in 2016. These achievements motivated him to enter to the University and he has proved himself as much better than the rest in his career and is considered to be exceptional in his talents. He had his greatest moment in the Inter University Weightlifting Championship (IUWC) spotlight when he became the FIRST University of Jaffna’s Fresh lifter placed the First with New Record.

What Hulk did @ IUWC2017?… Dushanth who competed in 105Kg weight category, was on the lifting stage and started with 90Kg weight in Snatch. Finally he could lift 100Kg in Snatch at his 2nd attempt which was his maximum at the competition. Now his turn for the Clean and Jerk — At his first attempt, he simply lifted 120Kg and at the end of the first round his Champion was almost confirmed. Now there was a big roar by the University of Jaffna (UoJ) supporters towards him and he was asked to try for record by his fairly new stranger fans. He also was ready to show his colours at his first year of the University and shook his head for 131Kg (Previous record was 130kg by RMSK Rajapaksha, University of Kelaniya at the IUWC 2015 held in University of Peradeniya). Everyone’s eyes were towards the Hulk and hall vibrates by Dooooushanth…. Come on..!! Here he goes…shouts…lifts…Yaaayyy the bar has gone over his head…referees’ Three white flags confirmed it as ‘a Good Lift’! The whole crowd shouts and the hall echoes in all corners! One more lift for him, but he could not complete it as he had already put his full effort at his 2nd attempt and he was suffering by stomach pain too. Finally he made a miracle to all when UoJ hosts the IUWC at home historically first time.

Photo Credit : MoraSpirit

After his achievement and when his pictures started to appear on social media, many of the people’s question was to ‘who is that Hulk?’. I chased him out to answer to his fans and I had a very quick phone chat with him and here his answers are for you.

Hulk’s other part of the life… The Jaffna’s Hulk, Dushanth is from Achchuveli and he studied at J/ Achchuveli Central College. He is the elder son of his family and he has a little brother who is studying at Grade 9 at his same school where he studied. “My mom is everything for us, I love only her as My father has left our little family in 2004, afterwards we are depending only on Samurdhi Assistance given by the government. We never feel like we are in poverty as we live with what we have only and believe in God. My mom encourages me a lot for sports even we are lack in facilities, she never asks me to go for work and she is the only one stand as a pillar and help us for sport and education. I’m always so lucky to have such a mom in my life while my dad went off in the middle of our life journey.

You asked me that why Amma did not come. If she had come, definitely she would have cried when I lifted. That’s why she always hesitates to come to the field wherever I participate at the competitions. We feel Weightlifting is also as one of our family member, I never ever give up in my life and this is my one and only one game to love and practice because it has given more strength to live strongly even we have many day to day obstacles in our life. I pay my thanks to my ever loving Amma, Thampi, Personal Coach and the staff of Physical Education Unit of the University for making us (family) strong and happy”. — Dushanth
Photo Credit :perabeats

While he was schooling he started his weightlifting in 2013. Mr. Vithan Amirthalingam is his personal coach from Dushanth’s beginning and his encouragement and motivation is vital to his national medals. Now, with the support of Mr. Thirumaran and Mr. M. Elampirayan, the weightlifting coach of UoJ the Hulk continues his weightlifting excursion in the University. I hope that there is an open International level opportunity is waiting for him through the University. Hulk also added that his ultimate goal in weightlifting is to participate at the International Level Competitions and show his colours for our nation.

Finally, Hulk Dushanth is a pearl of University of Jaffna and the University should be proud to have this precious son and hope the UoJ will provide necessary facilities and assistance to make his dream true.
Let’s ROAR for Dushanth louder and louder to make his dream true!

Good Luck Mr. Hulk!!!

Article By: S. Gobinaath/Jaffnaz Roar