Vacancy for post of Manager – UBL Cell



Applications are invited for the above post on contract basis from suitably qualified persons up to 25th June 2019.



The implementation of  UGC Circular 10/2016 was started in 2018 with the funds from the Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) Operation. Funds are released based on actions completed according to a score card developed by AHEAD Operation.

The Business Linkages Cell of the University of Jaffna is the entity responsible for the following Focal areas of the University Business Linkages promotion.

  • Developing practice and business oriented student’s projects
  • Organizing trainings and coaching activities for businesses
  • Implementing (technical) consulting services for businesses
  • Implementing an IP policy at universities
  • Promoting the creation of University Spin – offs
  • Promoting Research Cooperation between businesses and the University
  • Promoting strategic alliances with the private sector in order to develop the research infrastructures and capacities at Universities.


The University Business Linkages(UBL) Cell is funded by the Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) Operation of the World Bank Project implemented by the Ministry of City Planning , Water Supply and Higher Education.


Subject to any specific directives given by the Director/UBL Cell, the main duties and responsibilities of the UBL Cell Manager  will be to:

  • Manage day –to- day operations of the Business Linkage Cell , University of Jaffna(UJN)
  • Maintain Inventory and Records
  • Identify industry related problems that can be used to formulate projects with real industrial value.
  • Provide support in filing patent applications to protect IP rights of research conducted by UJN staff and students.
  • Organize industry visits for staff and students of the UJN.
  • Organize presentation on timely topics. (e.g – Technology trends, Modern Management Practices etc) by industry/academia/Civil Society Leaders.
  • Organize training workshop on entrepreneurship and promote entrepreneurship within the UJN.
  • Initiate and execute fund raising activities to ensure the sustainability of the UBL Cell–UJN.
  • Support the UBL Cell Director to monitor and coordinate AHEAD activities under the overall implementation of UGC Circular 10/2016, and any subsequent updates, at the University.
  • Assist the UBL Cell Director to submit Phases 1-4 of the UBL Cell score card to the OMST in a timely manner.
  • Assist the UBL Cell Director to develop an overview of what are the R&D and innovation projects at the university which have potential commercialization value. Identify the faculty members and senior students who are involved and their disciplines.
  • Support the UBL Cell Director to build a network of entrepreneurs, investors, small and large businesses which can work with the University researchers.
  • Coordinate the actions related to strengthen the knowledge of Intellectual Property (IP) among academics and students.
  • Facilitate the commercializing of research and innovation outcomes of the University.
  • Assist the UBL Cell Director to report the physical, procurement and financial progress and the performance indicators of the UBL Score card to the Operations and Monitoring Support Team(OMST) and Operational Technical Secretariat (OTS).
  • Liaise regularly and closely with the OMST and OTS to ensure smooth functioning of the UBL Cell
  • Assist the OTS, Deputy Director/Procurement and Senior Administrative Officer in the Procurement activities of the UBL Cell  in the following areas.
    • In carrying out  Procurement of Goods, Works , Services & Consultancy Services particularly preparation and updating of procurement plans, implementation of procurement process in terms of Government and World Bank Guidelines with the approval of the  Deputy Director / Procurement.
    • Maintaining records, assisting the conduction of procurement reviews & furnishing reports as required.
    • Assist the Director/ UBL Cell, Deputy Director/Finance and Senior Administrative Officer in the Management of Financial Activities in Financial Areas.
      1. Proper utilization of fund released to the OTS for the UBL Cell by the OMST with the approval of the Deputy Director /Finance.\
      2. Maintaining the proper financial records for all UBL Cell expenses.
      3. Submission of accurate, analytical and timely financial reports and other reports as stipulated by the OMST in respect of UBL Cell , in strict  compliance with all financial regulations with the approval of the Deputy Director /Finance.
  • Maintaining an efficient filing system & records.
  • Maintaining and updating administrative files with necessary confidentiality where required.
  • Monthly update the Project Achievement Template (PAT) on the progress of UBL Cell  with the consultation of  Director/UBL Cell.
  • Ensure timely reporting of physical, procurement and financial progress as well as KPIs of the UBL Cell to the  Director / UBL Cell .
  • Any other relevant duties assigned by the Director / UBL Cell, Director/OTS , Deputy Director/Procurement , Deputy Director/ Finance and Senior Administrative Officer of the OTS.


By Interview

The UBL Cell Manager is appointed on full-time basis.

Initially the appointment will be made for a period of 12 months, and may be renewed based on performance and need.


A Monthly payment of LKR 63,250/= (All  inclusive  CLA, EPF and ETF)  will be paid.


  • A Bachelor Degree in Management,Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Agriculture, Commerce and Marketing from a University  recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC).
  • Working Experience in the Marketing Field or industry more than five years in Executive Position  is highly desirable.


  • Should be a Citizen of Sri Lanka
  • Age – Not more than 45 years on the date of closing of


  • Ability to lead and manage  Office of the UBL-Cell
  • High level of proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Proven ability to handle activities related to Finance and Procurement in the University in accordance with the World Bank Guidelines.
  • Ability to function effectively in a team environment inspiring trust and cooperation of other team members.
  • High level of IT literacy, especially in Word Processing , Spread sheets and internet.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally in English, Sinhala or Tamil and ability to communicate in English with the World Bank, Ministry of City planning, Water Supply and Higher Education, UGC, OMST and others.
  • Knowledge in statistics and computational methods
  • Proven analytical skills
  • Ability to interact with Senior Academic and Administrative staff in the university and the commercial partners.


Applicants who are interested in the above post are requested to submit their application through E-mail to in the prescribed form available in the University of Jaffna website  along with scanned copies  of the certificates. Originals should be submitted at the interview.  Date for interview will be notified to the eligible candidates through E-mail.

Application Form

Note:  Applicants in the Service of Government, Corporations and Statutory Board can submit their application directly.  When they present for the interview they should bring a hardcopy forwarded through the Head of Institution concerned.


University of Jaffna.