Annual Conference & International Seminar ATWS – South Asia Chapter

TWENTY SECOND ANNUAL CONFERENCE AND INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR Held on 28, 29 & 30 November 2017 In collaboration with University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka.


With great happiness we announce the 22nd Annual Conference and International Seminar of the Association of Third World Studies – South Asia Chapter to be hosted and sponsored by the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Dr. K. Suthakar, Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka will be the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee and Dr. K.T. Ganeshalingam, Head in Political Science, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka will be the Conference Secretary.

University of Jaffna

The University of Jaffna was first established in 1974, as the Jaffna Campus of the University of Sri Lanka, offering courses in Science and Humanities. It was established in the 40-acre Parameshwara College premises, which was donated by the renowned philanthropist Sri. Ponnampalam Ramanathan. First batch of 104 students were admitted in October 1974. The Faculty of Arts is located in the main campus of the University of Jaffna. It was earlier known as the Faculty of Humanities and later (in 1980) renamed as the Faculty of Arts. The Faculty of Arts is committed in promoting knowledge and academic excellence leading to the pinnacle of humanity in tune with the vision to which the faculty is wedded. It strives hard to achieve excellence in the field of Arts by adopting admirable values of Culture and Heritage.

ATWS – South Asia Chapter

The international organization of the Association of Third World Studies Inc. (now renamed as Association of Global South Studies) founded in 1983 by Harold Isaacs, Professor of History, University of Georgia, U.S.A., has become the largest global professional organization. Being a multi – disciplinary research forum, its branches all over the world have facilitated professional and social communication by sponsoring activities which will bring together persons interested in studies of issues of the developing countries and of humanity in general. Dr. Isaiah Azariah, a great Indian academician and philanthropist, during his tenure as Professor in Albany State University, Georgia, had been engaged in the activities of ATWS. Encouraged by Dr. Harold Isaacs, Dr. Azariah during his tenure as Fullbright Scholar and Visiting Professor in the University of Kerala, founded on June 10th  1994, a South Asia Chapter of ATWS.

Ever since its inception ATWS – SAC has involved itself in genuine research on a multitude of problems related to the developing countries of South Asia. Being a multi – disciplinary forum it has been organizing discussions and publications and inviting governmental attention on such problems. For the past twentyone years it could, without interruption, organize workshops, annual conferences and National and International Seminars with major goals like social harmony, environmental protection, development and uplift of the marginalized. In this the assistance offered by academic and social institutions, activists and NGOs has been tremendous. The leadership provided by Dr. K.K.Kusuman (the First Programme Chairperson and Secretary) and his colleagues in the University of Kerala as well as Director of the Centre for Rehabilitation of the Differently Abled (CRD), Thiruvananthapuram has been immense in the formative period of the Association. Remarkable venue has been presented by ATWS-SAC for the release and publication of books and monographs by budding scholars in different fields.


The main theme of this year’s seminar will be “Personal Freedom, Cultural Practices, Global Governance and Peaceful Co- existence. There are sub themes too.

A)Environmental Issues :

  • Environmental pollution – The imminent threats and remedies.
  • Exploitation of Natural Resources – Perils and Indicators
  • Development Projects versus Environmental Degradation.
  • Draught and Drinking Water Problems

B)Science, Technology, Health and Medicine

  • Advancement of Science and Technology in Third World countries – Space Science, Engineering, Medicine, Biotechnology, Agriculture and Fisheries •Ethnic Medicine and prevention of diseases – The role of cultural practices and scientific research.

C)Political Problems

Emergence, Rise and fall of Socialist Movements in Third World Countries •Rise of Eastern World : China, Japan and India, the global impact •Recent trends and issues in immigration, emigration and the Diaspora. •Indo – Sri lankan Relations Down the ages – challenges and prospects.

D)Economic Issues

  • Economic Co-operation in SAARC Countries – dimensions and prospects •Consumerism – challenges posed and legal combat

E)Sociological and Women Issues

  • Rising menace of drug –  liquor mafia and the perishing generations – the solutions
  • Child Labour – the secret trends and civic addressal • Stopping enhancing violence against girls and women, socio – psychological imperative. •Tribal situation in 21st Century – the  South Asia Scenario •Cyber Interventions and Educational Psychology.

F)Literature, Art, History and Thoughts –

  • Current Trends in South Asian Literature, Music, Cinema, Arts and Theater in Third World Countries Evolution of Buddhist and Hindu Thought in Sri Lanka, •Recent advances in historical research.

G). A Special Session on the Thirukkural as World Classic

Call For Papers

Papers are invited on any one of the above themes, could be submitted both in English & Tamil(Baamini). Scholars are requested to send the abstract of their paper in not more than 250 words by 10th October 2017. Indian paper should be submitted to the email ID: Sri Lankan and foreign paper should be submitted to Date  for acceptance of the same will be informed 20th   October  2017,  Soft copy and one hard copy of the full length paper have to be submitted on the day of commencement of the seminar to Dr. P. Vasumathy Devi, Vice-President and Programme Chairperson, ATWS, SAC , Dr K.T Ganeshalingam, Conferernce Secretary, Head,Dept.of Political Science, University of Jaffna. Papers should be neatly computed in about 10 pages, double space on A4 size paper with adequate reference. Authors, are requested to use endnotes instead of footnotes and papers should contain the author’s mailing address, mobile number and email ID. The papers containing original research will be selected to be published in the Journal of ATWS-SAC based on the evaluation of a Review Committee

Book Release

Scholars who wish to release their monographs or books at the inaugural ceremony of the conference should contact Dr. K. Sadasivan, Secretary, ATWS- SAC at the following address. Dr. K.Sadasivan, 3/357, Surevyor Colony,

K.Pudur,   Madurai   –   625007,   Tamilnadu,   India,   email :

Registration fee

  • Teachers (India) `. 3,000/- (INR)(Inclusive of forex charges)
  • Sri Lanka : `. 5,000/- (LKR)
  • SAARC Countries : US$ 100 /-
  • Non – SAARC Countries : US$200 /- Research Scholars / Public : ` 2,000 /- (INR)
  • Research Students 2000 /- ( LKR) (Inclusive of Forex Charges)

The Indian participants shall pay registration fee (which includes foreign exchange and IMT charges) by Demand Draft p a y a b l e a t C a n a r a B a n k , S p e n c e r J n . , B r a n c h , Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, Pin : 695001, favouring Treasurer, Association of Third  World  Studies  –  South Asia Chapter, Mailing Address of the Treasurer : Mrs. R.S. Resmi, ‘Sreyas’, Ookkodu P.O, Nemom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, Pin : 695020. Registration fee can also be transferred online to the above bank (Account details given elsewere in the brochure). Last date of receipt of DD / online payment, will be 22nd October 2017. Foreign and Sri Lankan Delegates shall pay by Demand Draft payable at People’s Bank, University of Jaffna Branch,A/C No 162-1-001-8-0000902 Pin code PSBKLKLX favouring Dr. K.T. Ganeshalingam, Conference Secretary.


Organizing Committee (University of Jaffna) Chairperson :

Dr. K.Suthakar,
Dean, Faculty of Arts,
University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka,
Ph : 009471856213

Conference Secretary :

Dr.  K.T.Ganeshalingam,
Head, Dept.of Political Science,
University of Jaffna,
Ph :0094 775048894,
email :

Prof. S. Krishnarjaha,
Dept. of History.

Senior Lecturer,
Dept. of Hindu Civilization.

Dr. Mrs. V.M. S.Yogaratnam,
Senior Lecturer,
Dept. of  Linguistics & English.

Mr. Saminathan Wimal,
Senior Lecturer,
Dept. of  Linguistics & English.

Senior Lecturer,
Dept. of Tamil

Mr.R. Rajeshkannan,
Senior Lecturer,
Dept. of Sociology.