Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI)

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Ministry of City Planning, Water Supply & Higher Education

University of Jaffna

Selection of Consultancy Firm for the Consortium Consultancy Services for Building Construction

Ministry Consultants Procurement Committee (CPCM), on behalf of the University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from reputed and experienced consultancy firms those who meet the following eligibility criteria to express their interest in providing the Consortium Consultancy Services for the Construction of building, Services and Related structures for Engineering Technology and Bio- Systems Technology, University of Jaffna at Ariviyal Nagar, Kilinochchi- Phase II. The fund for the payment of the consultants is provided by the AHEAD project financed under World Bank.

Eligibility of the Consulting Organization:

  • Shall be an active multi-disciplinary Consultancy Organization in last 10 years and shall be registered with registrar of companies Sri lanka.
  • Professionals providing the services shall be citizens of Sri Lanka
  • The team leader, project architect and or structural engineer shall be full time employees. If another structural engineering firm is hired their written consent to be annexed. Names and Qualifications should be submitted. (EPF returns are compulsory)
  • Average volume of consultancy works done in last 5 years should be more than LKR 20.0 Million and out of which at least one consortium consultancy work shall be more than LKR 15.0 Million.
  • Adequacy of working capital should be more than LKR 6.0 Million.
  • The Consultancy Organization shall have a proven track record of providing consortium consultancy services in the completed projects and shall be engaged with at least one similar project done for a construction work not less than LKR 350.0 Million project cost (excluding VAT) within the last 5 years.
  • Should have well equipped design office, equipment and motor vehicles for site visits.
  • The Organization shall not have been black listed or have disciplinary inquiries.

The Scope of Services to be provided by the Consultancy Firm involves all sections specified under Consortium Consultancy Services for Building Construction in the ICTAD publication No. ICTAD/CONSULT/04 (1st revision-August 2002) – published by the Institution of Construction Training and Development (ICTAD) (presently CIDA)

The cost of the construction project including the costs of construction, consultancy services, price escalations, all taxes including VAT will be LKR 645.0 Million and the Total Consultancy Period (including Designs, Procurement, and Construction & Defects Liability Period) will be 36 calendar months. Consultancy Firm will be selected as Quality & Cost Based Selection (QCBS) in accordance with the procedures set out in the Guidelines for Selection and Employment of Consultants, published by National Procurement Agency. (August 2007)

The EOI in English language to be submitted on the forms given in the “Document for the submission of EOI”, which could be downloaded from here or obtained from the Capital Works & Planning Division, University of Jaffna from 9.00 to 15.00 hrs from 25.10.2019, to 14.11.2019 on working days, with a written request issued by an authorized person of the consultancy firm.

The dead line for the EOI submission “Document for the submission of EOI” shall be on 15.11.2019 and late submissions will be rejected.

The address for the submission of the duly perfected EOI document is the Director (Infra-structure Development), Higher Education Section, Ministry of City Planning, Water Supply & Higher Education, No. 18, Ward Place, Colombo 07 and “EOI for Consultancy Services for Technology. Stage-II, University of Jaffna” to be stated on the top left hand corner of the envelope. The document could be hand delivered or sent by registered post to the above address on or before the dead line.


You may obtain further information from, and inspect the ”Document for the submission of EOI” at the office of the Deputy Registrar, Capital Works & Planning Division , University of Jaffna, Thirunelvely, (Telephone 021 2219201) , during office hours up to 3.00pm on 14.11.2019.

Competent Authority,
University of Jaffna,
Thirunelvely, Jaffna