Registration of Suppliers & Contractors – 2024



Applications are invited up to 12th December 2023 from reputed Suppliers / Manufacturers / Contractors who wish to register themselves for the under mentioned supplies and services.


1.1 Stationery Items (Statinery, Calculator, Toner, Cartridge ,Printer Ribbon,Printer paper,etc…)

1.2 Kitchen utensils including cutlery & crockery.

1.3 Sanitary Items – Brooms, Eekkal Brooms, Doormats, Baskets, Toilet Cleaner Liquids, Hand Dishwashing liquids, cleaning & polishing materials, etc.

1.4 Raincoats, Gumboots, Umbrellas, Shoes etc.


2.1 Printing, Block Making, Rubber & Date Stamps.

2.2 Book, Magazines & other publications.

2.3 Binding of Books & Periodicals.


3.1 Office Furniture (Wooden/Steel), Computer Chairs & Table

3.2 Office Equipment (Duplicating Machine, Photo Copiers, Fax etc.)

3.3 Fire extinguishing equipment & safety equipment (construction).


4.1 All types of Hardware

    1. a) All kinds of paint, brushes, mixers, and other related materials.
    2. b) Types of cement, types of tile mortar, and types of water proofing cement.
    3. c) River sand, Fine sand, gravel, Metals  and stones, etc. for construction work.
    4. d) Steel bars, galvanized pipes, and nails.
    5. e) Building fixtures, fasteners, and locks ( made of iron and brass).
    6. f) UPVC/CPVC pipes and fittings.
    7. g) Types of Timber, Planks and reapers
    8. h) Aluminum extrusion and fittings, Glass, plywood.
    9. I) bathroom fittings and tiles for walls and floors.
    10. j) Supply of sewage treatment plants and maintenance items.
    11. k) Supply of water treatment plant and maintenance items.
    12. L) Water proofing chemicals and construction chemicals.


5.1 Electrical items, equipment & spares (Wire, Bulbs & etc.)


6.1 Laboratory Equipment.

6.2 Laboratory Chemical & Glassware.


7.1 Tyres, Tubes & Batteries.

7.2 Motor Spares & accessories.

7.3 Repairs to Motor Vehicle.

7.4 Vehicle Interior works


8.1 Ayurveda Drugs/Medicines/Drugs & Medical supplies.

8.2 Sports goods.

8.3 Textiles, Window Curtains, Uniform Materials etc.

8.4 Insecticide, Tools for Gardening, Natural fertilizer, Flower trees and crops.

8.5 Repairs to office machines & equipment (Computers, IT Equipment, Fax Machines, Typewriters, Photocopiers, Calculators & Ronio Machine, etc.)

8.6 Repairs, Polishing and reconditioning to steel / Wooden Furniture.

8.7 Retaining of Chairs.

8.8 Tailoring of Garments & door & window curtains

8.9 Laundering.

8.10 Janitorial Services.

8.11 Security Service.

8.12 Courier Service / Customs Clearing Service

8.13 Events Management Service.

8.14 Catering Service.

8.15 Video & Photography Service.

8.16 Supply of Sound & Light Equipment on rent basis.

8.17 Traveling Agent Service.

8.18 Hiring of Vehicle (Passenger van-with A/C & without A/C, passenger bus, lorry, tractors with trailer, etc.)

8.19 Hiring of Machineries ( JCB, excavator, compressor, pay loader, etc.)


9.1 Drawing of Name boards & making plastic name boards.

9.2 Repairs to electric motors, Water Pumps, Fans, Including re-winding.

9.3 Repairs to Generators.

9.4 Repairs & Servicing to Air Conditioners.

9.5 Construction and repairs to Building/ Roads/ Other Structure

9.6 Electrical wiring.

9.7 Repairs and maintenance of potable water supply, sewerage, drainage and sanitary plumbing.

9.8 Fabrication and Installation of Iron / Aluminum fixtures related to buildings.

9.9 Consultancy service for buildings / building services / related machinery &   Equipment.

9.10 Consultancy service for Electrical services.

9.11 Supplying and fixing fixed timber furniture / Carpentry works.

9.12 Drafting / Blue printing drawing, Auto Cad Drawings.

9.13 Termite proofing / pest control services.

9.14 Labour supply (Skilled, unskilled and Security).

9.15 Preparation of Bill of Quantity (BOQ) for Maintenance Work.

9.16 Repairs and maintenance of fire detection, protection, and suppression systems.


10.1 Electronic components including Computers, Computer Parts.

10.2 I.T Hardware & Software Supply, Service & Maintenance.

10.3 Communication Systems & Equipment Supply, Service &Maintenance.

10.4 Telephone Equipment.

10.5 Supply & Installation of Network Cabling & Equipment


  • The application should be prepared by the supplier on own as per the specimen given in the application. All applications should be submitted under registered post, cover marked as  “Registration of Supplies/services – 2024” on the left hand corner of the envelop.
  • The deposit slip copy and application for registration should be addressed to the Bursar, University of Jaffna, Thirunelvely, Jaffna.



  • A separate  application  should  be  sent  for  each  category  supply  /  services  and  each application should accompany with a deposit slip copy of Rs.2,000/= (nonrefundable deposit) drawn deposit to the Account No. 850000390000926 in the People’s Bank, University of Jaffna.
  • Organizations other than companies could register only for Supplies / Services according to their general nature which specified in their business registration. Otherwise the application will be rejected without any notification.
  • Quotations for the year 2024 will be called from the registered suppliers. However, the University reserves the right to call for quotations from other sources or unregistered suppliers too.
  • Any supplier who fails to submit quotation when called for or fail to supply items / services in time or in uniformity with the stipulated specification may get his/her name struck off from the register without prior notice.
  • Those who register for the following item could include  name, experience and qualifications of all Engineers and Architects permanently employed at your organization and provide CIDA Registration and specify the grade obtained (For the Item No 9.5,9.5,9.6,9.7,9.8,9.9,9.10,and 9.16)
  • Payment will be made to the Registered Name as appeared in the application. Therefore, suppliers should have the bank account for their business name.

Further details may be obtained from the Asst. Bursar (Supplies-II) T.P No. 021 – 222 6519. University of Jaffna.



University of Jaffna.